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Christine Schrader

The Good Deed That Went Awry

    Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble (Psalm 41:1).

   A church deacon preached about a woman named Dora. She was involved in charity work and especially worked to feed and clothe the poor. She had no patience with people who didn’t give to the poor.

   One day she came into the church basement, where people brought clothes during the week so she could distribute them to the poor. She was surprised to find several beautiful coats, and because it was winter, she immediately gathered them up and loaded them into her car.

   Dora didn’t know that the Women’s Committee was meeting upstairs in the church. When the ladies found out that their coats were gone, they confronted Dora. “You took our coats for donations? We left our keys in our coat pockets!”

   Without blinking an eye, Dora replied, “I can give you back your keys, but the least you can do is donate your coats.”

   I can imagine, from that time on, the ladies of the church kept their coats nearby.

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