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Christian Family Development Seminars

Thomas & Christine Schrader

Seminar Speakers

There is a Power Point presentation for each seminar session. They will build your families and give you a Biblical, Christ centered foundation in your family.

Why Have A Seminar?


Call for financial arrangements.


All teaching is based upon the infallible Word of God


Topics that challenge people to build Christian homes and families

90% of all illness is caused by stress.

1 out of 8 persons will be treated for depression

50% of marriages end in divorce.

There are two cultures living in every home with children.

75% of families will seek counseling at some time

Help should come through the church.

Without church involvement, many families are forced to turn to secular organizations.

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly" (Psalm 1:1



Three essentials of communication


Five levels of communication

Six message mix-up



Causes 90% of all illness


Stress test

How much is too much?

How to reduce stress

Understanding Your Mate

Difference between sexual and sensual

Causes of sexual problems

Five aspects of true love

The healthy triangle

Growing together

Divided Session

Marriage Problems

How to control anger


Selfish individuality

Forgiveness is essential

The stages of life

Who It Will Reach


To train members of the congregation so that they can effectively minister to families in their area as well as enhance their own family relationships.

Target Group Includes



Those contemplating marriage

Single Parents

The Elderly

(The Seminar topics are designed to train all adult menbers of the congregation)

How We Do It


Four one-hour sessions

Ten minutes at the end of each session for questions and answers.

We provide a Master Syllabus which is easily copied for each person attending  the seminar.

There is also a Power Point Presentation for each session.

How to Reach Us




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